Our Tile Range

Natural Stone and Stone Effect Tiles.
A great selection of Imitation Wood Tiles.
Large Format and Modular Floor Tiles.
The best selection of 10 x 10cm (or 4”) tiles.
A huge range of brick shaped tiles (Metro’s), in gloss, matt, flat, bumpy, bevel, and crackle finishes in an impressive range of colours and size.
A staggering range of Mosaics in Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Metal and Porcelain.
Designer tiles by Villeroy and Boch, Marlborough Tiles, Porcelanosa and from a selection of Italian and Spanish factories.
Architectural Ranges, available in a wide colour palette and in all sizes for wall and floor areas.
Swimming Pool Tiles.
Victorian Floor Tiles.

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In the Showroom

We have the latest designs from all over the world, alongside classic timeless designs. Our select and exclusive range of Wall and Floor Tiles suits all budgets and tastes, and are suitable for every room in the house. Many of our ranges are also suitable for use externally.

We source our tiles from trusted importers and manufacturers. They won’t let us down, so we won’t let you down!

Bulk orders can be sourced directly from selected factories in the UK through to Spain, Italy, Turkey and China. Again, we only use trusted and known suppliers to ensure reliability.

On the off chance you can’t find something suitable from our range, we will source something for you.

​The showroom is 1,700 sq ft in size, and we’ve taken care not to crowd it with anything and eveything, but to select the best of what’s available.

Our range includes:


We are proud to stock and supply some the leading brands in ceramic and porcelain tiles.

From natural stone and slate effects to marble and granite. The most current designs through to the simple and neutral, we have it all covered. All shapes. All sizes. All at great value prices.


We have probably got one of the largest ranges of mosaics in the south of England currently, including standard square patterns, glass, metal & stone combinations, and some ‘out there’ styles and designs.

Bespoke Splashbacks​

Any shape, any colour, any pattern. We can provide a custom splash back for your kitchen counter, your bathroom vanity unit or as an interior design feature for any room.

We can colour match pretty much anything, including Crown, Dulux or Farrow & Ball Paint. Personalised patterns, unique designs or prints, integrated (hidden) smart TV’s and LED backlighting, give you the perfect solution.