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As Wet Room Specialists, and a regional sales agent for Jackoboard, a high quality German made Tile backing board and range of Wetroom systems – we stock a comprehensive range of products in store, and we have the complete range at our disposal on a next day basis.

As an approved retailer for Vario Pro, we also specialise in all types of Underfloor Heating. We can supply complete electric mat and cable systems for all types of substrates and floor finishes. This is also available on a next day basis.

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Vario PRO brings underfloor heating and uncoupling technology together in one fast track solution. Save time by preparing your substrate and installing electric underfloor heating all in one hit!
  • Flexible underfloor heating layout
  • Uncoupling membrane
  • Waterproofing properties
  • Only 5.5mm buildup
  • Lifetime warranty
We also supply a huge range of other heating products from ThermogroupUK. Please call for details.
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The construction board system for professionals. Innovative solutions for creative interior work Both in new build and refurbishment, the importance of bathroom fittings is changing enormously as the room goes from practical washroom to a perfectly planned oasis of comfort and well-being. Creative bathroom ideas are easy to put into practice with JACKOBOARD construction boards: the water-repellent XPS boards, with their special coating on both sides, offer a long-lasting solution to every idea.
Free Tool Hire
We know not all our customers are in the trade, and like us you may want to be hands on with your project. So we have a selection of tools for hire to help you get the job done when you purchase your tiles with us.
Call us to find out more about any of these products and more! 01424 559799